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Download Yak Slapper 4-4-2

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File Details
Description from the author:

DR/L: These two have a wing back mind set, but are very defensive, good tackling, marking, pace and concentration is vital.

DC(Right) This CB needs to be the quicker of the 2, with better Acceleration, Agility and Anticipation. His Decisions are also important. He is set to Zonal mark, but close down high up the pitch, to try block out an attack in its early stages through the centre. Naldo at Werder Bremen is my recommendation.

DC(Left) This CB needs not be fast, but needs to be a bit of a tank. Good Heading, Strength, Concentration and positioning. His Tackling and Marking are vital as he's set to Man Mark and if the other pushes up, he moves across to the centre and forms a type of Sweeper role. Steven Taylor works well here.

DM: The back bone, needs to be adequete in Passing and Tackling and needs good Off the ball, Work rate and team work. doesnt nescessarily need to be quick, but some strength is important. I like to try make this position my captain, so strong mental is a major plus. The best player i've ever had for this role, Joey Barton, he was immense.

MR/L: These are vital to your attacks, they make plenty of chances and provide fantastic support. Needs, Stamina, Passing, but mainly Crossing and Pace and lots of it. The reason i have success with the wings is due to completly out running the opposition, even in BSS/N. Tomasz Wrobel a fantastic player for Champ/low EPL sides.

AMC: This is the oppurtunist. Loves to be part of the attack, and will be your assist machine. Needs Creativity, Work rate, Passing, Long Shots and some dribbling and technique wouldnt hurt. He is your go to guy, plays fantastic through balls, but hits some fantastic 30yarders too. Really is like a 3rd ST but is a a support engine. If your AMC lacks Long Shot ability then put 'take long shots' to rarely so that he can just concentrate on playing through balls. This is your playmaker. Rok Kronoveter for lower clubs, Van Der Vaart of course is the BEST for this position.

ST(Right): This is what will make you. Most important player, the Right ST is more attacking and looks to latch onto any ball played near him. Likes to take on defender, shoot from in or outside the box. Must be fast 15+, and Finishing is of course a must. First Touch, Technique, Acceleration and Determination are also very important. And a play that is fairly aggressive can also be a plus for this position, It adds to his determination and if he gets slightly angry he's going to put in, even more to be first to the ball.

ST(Left): Also a very important part, but doesnt have to be as fast. This ST plays a supporting sort of role, where as, he will still make oppurtunities for himself but he will play balls through to the Right ST aswell. much the same stats as the right, though a bit of passing is good.

How to install:

Download this tactic into your tactics folder. You can locate this in your documents folder then navigate to:

Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2008/

here you will see a tactic folder, put the tactic here to access in game.

Want to access tactics from your desktop? Then why not use The Gaffas program called The Gaffa Tactic Center. You can log in using your Gaffa username and password and download files straight to your tactic folder!
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File Size: 1kb
Author: Varanos
Author Link: None available
Downloads: 7
Date uploaded: 2008-04-06

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File Details
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