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Cheating in games. Is it really that bad?
Written on the 10th February by Mark

I thought I would write my opinion on a subject I see mentioned on the forums of every single game i've ever played, cheating.

I would say that if you were to post a request for a game cheat in nearly every official game forum you will be hit with the same barrage of aggressive responses such as:

'Cheating is for losers'
'Give up the game if you cant play it properly'

But if the game isn't online based what exactly is the problem? I've seen game producers activily write on the forums saying not to cheat but I can't understand why? Do they want players to have fun, because if they did then allowing cheats is fun for some.

I've played some multiplayer games such as America's Army, Counter striker etc and cheaters in that ruin the game for others but it's just not the same for a game like Football Manager because you're not playing against anything other than the AI, unless your playing a multiplayer game.

I personally think all games that are single player should have cheats because to be frank I think it's fun! You will notice most of our cheat guide is, well use an editor to cheat because you don't really have another option. I would like Football Manager to have some built in cheats....

I can hear the long term FM players screaming no no don't ruin the game cheats are bad etc But come on it's a game!

Pretty short yeah but what do you think? Is cheating really that bad?

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