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SEGA's involvement
Written on the 17th February by Mark

When SEGA brought Sports Interactive my first thought was it seemed pretty obvious it would happen. With Eidos throwing money at their new games studio producing Championship Manager, Sports Interactive are trying to make sure they stay at the top of their league in management games.

However what us players do not realise is the business behind producing a game that is only released once a year. Sports Interactive was growing continuously adding new staff and releasing the game on different platforms.

So why sell the company? Maybe the offer was just too good to say no to, who knows, in fact we won't ever know. But what has happened since SEGA brought Sports Interactive?

I have stated before that I still greatly enjoy the new releases of the game but this year there was a lot of criticism with FM2008 because it lacked new big features. When you have to promote a computer generated face for regen players there must be issues surely?

So why? They don't seemed to have got rid of any staff apart from some leaving? But then we have their new game in the pipeline, FM Live. My personal opinion is that they simply had too much going on to throw loads of complicated new features into the game as the potential for FM Live is huge financially if they get it right.

So how much influence have SEGA had in this? One thing is for sure, SEGA have not put a lot of effort with the Football Manager scene as they seem to be controlling this aspect now. I've seen various comments made of late that SEGA would be doing things to help the community but its efforts so far have been pretty poor.

In conclusion the facts are SEGA brought Sports Interactive to make money, the game sells well every single release and the potential for FM Live is huge financially so I doubt much will change. FM Live isn't due for release yet and we're say, 10 months or so away from the next FM retail release. Will we see big improvements to the game this time? I think unlikely but I'm still a firm believer that Sports Interactive as a game studio are one of the best out there and won't disappoint.

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