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Playerguide - Adailton
Posted on 15th March 2008

A bit about Adaílton

Adailton or Adaílton José dos Santos Filho if you're going to call him by his real full name...plays for Santos in the Brazilian league. Even though he is 24 he has been in the winning team in the following competitions:

  • Bahia State League: 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003
  • Nordeste Cup: 1999, 2003
  • World Cup (U 20): 2003

Adaliton is like most good Brazilian players as he has been linked with moves to various european clubs. How none have been the big ones.


Player Details

Position: Central Defender/Sweeper
Date of birth: 16.4.1983
Languages: Portuguese, French
Contact End: 31.12.2007
Realease clause: £25m


Click the image to bring up a slideshow.

Genie Scout for Football Manager

Valuation and contract

Adailton has a release clause of £25m but you can definitely get him a lot cheaper. We found him in our search for young talent in FM2008 and he has a great deal of potential so would be worth buying.

At the start of a game if you don't have work permit problems then you could get him for around £3-5m, possibly paying over months or per appearances.


Adailton is a typical Brazilian player, he has a deadly long shot, great at free kicks and has good technique. What he is lacking is flair but he is a defender so that doesn't matter?

In our test game Adailton had a rating of 19 for corners, but would you really use him as a center back and a corner taker? Unlikely but this is a sign of the rest of his stats...
Free Kicks
This guy has a deadly shot and his free kick stat is superb. Its a risk making him take them but Roberto Carlos did for Real for a long time...but he wasn't a good left back.

It brings up an interesting possibility. Why not retrain this guy into a defensive midfielder.
Like a true center back he has good stats for heading and mixed with his strength and the fact that he is 6"2 he is a tough defender. Although he is Brazilian he would really work well in the English Premier league. As long as he doesn't go on a fancy run, but his flair is low so thats unlikely.
Another strong area for Adailton is his marking statistic. He is rated high in this area but this only proves more for me he needs retraining into a defensive midfielder role.
Anticipation is an overlooked statistic but when you think about it, its a vital one. He has the qualities of a good defender and can anticipate other players movements.

The Gaffa's opinion

Adailton has got some great stats and also has good potential ones so he is a player with huge potential. I still think if you retrain him to a defensive midfielder role he could turn into a world class player.

Rating: Could be a gem

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